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Tatkal Made Easy now works with the NEW IRCTC website. Please install the Extension to proceed further.
Tatkal Made Easy now works with the NEW IRCTC website. Please fill the details and proceed with booking.
IRCTC Captcha issue is fixed. Please Update extension. click Here to know how to update extension. If unable to update, Please remove and install it again.
We do not store any information provided by you in our servers. All the data is stored in User's browser itself


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Passenger Details

Berth preference
Opt Berth
Food Choice
Bed Roll
Senior Citizen Concession

Destination Address

Provide pincode to get the details of City and Post Office. If Details are not getting filled, You have to manually fill them during the ticket booking process.

Children Below 5 Years


Mobile & Insurance Details

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Payment Details

Please Select Payment Mode to Proceed :

IRCTC Transaction Charge : An amount of ₹ 10 + Applicable GST will be deducted as IRCTC eWallet service charge.


1. Mobile applications having Scan & Pay option should be used

2. A unique QR code will be displayed for the particular transaction.

3. Using the mobile application, scan the QR code and initialise the transaction

4. If any PIN is prompted by the bank application,Enter the PIN to complete the transaction.

Filling of bank details for automation is completely users choice. we never store any data in our servers. We are not at all responsible for any misuse of your banking details.

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Please accept terms and conditions.

Steps for succesfull ticket booking

Install Extension

Fill in Your Journey details

Save Details


YES. The extension is updated to work with the new IRCTC website. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of the extension.If you are unable to update, Please re-install the extension and you are good to proceed.
Currently we support both Chrome and Firefox Web browsers. You can install extensions either from the web store or by opening the website.
Install the extension, reload the page, fill your details, open irctc.
For more details refer How it works?
Payment will be done in IRCTC website only.
We will be filling the payment details provided by you in IRCTC payment pages.
We do not store any of the information provided by you in our servers.
All the information will be saved in your browser itself in an encrypted format.
We do not provide any guarantee about the ticket confirmation.
we only automate the process of ticket booking.
Filling of complete details is not mandatory.
Automation of IRCTC website is based on the details provided by the user.
Details that are not provided should be manually filled by user during the time of ticket booking.
Yes, Automation process works only when you install the latest version of extension.
Version changes will be done to keep in sync with the changes made in irctc website.
Data is completely stored in the browser itself in encrtypted format. sever will not be storing any piece of information
Clear the data stored in your browser by clicking clear data button. Even if it doesn't work, re-install the extension and try again.
If you still face issue,drop a mail and we will respond as soon as possible.
we are not responsible for any misuse of your banking details.
your bank details are stored in your browser in encrypted format and we will not be aware of your banking related information.
we are not affiliated/has no connection with IRCTC.
we are just automating the process of ticket booking.
Anyone except IRCTC Agents can use this.
IRCTC Agents are strictly prohibited for using of this Service.
You can clear data by clicking clear data button or clear cache to remove the stored data.
Uninstalling the extension completely deletes your information stored in the browser.
As we support both Chrome and Firefox, you can use two different browsers for parallel transactions.
As all the information is stored in the browser, you cannot use the same browser for parallel transactions.
On successful transaction, your data is removed from the browser.
if your transaction is failed, please press clear data button or clear the cache to remove information from your browser. Also, your data will be deleted from the browser after 2 hours from the time of the saving.
We do not provide any guarantee for ticket confirmation. Usage of irctc automation is completely user's choice.

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During tatkal hours every second is, we are here to help you out in saving many of those precious seconds and make the chance of getting a confirmed tatkal ticket nearer to 100%.

Our website mainly automates the ticket booking process in IRCTC by gathering the information from user. It functions with the help of extension/addon which user has to install.

Once User installed the extension,and save the details, then you are 99% ahead from the rest Remaining 1% depends on how fast you enter CAPTCHA/OTP that is being displayed.

We are gathering information from you before and automates all the information to be filled in IRCTC website.
For detailed information about the working visit HOW IT WORKS? page.

Fill the form and open IRCTC website just before 5 mins and enter captcha wherever necessary.

If all the details(including payment) is provided in the form, then it takes as much time as you take to enter CAPTCHA/OTP.

We are providing a completely free service. we do not charge even a penny for your transactions.

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